When your head is forced forward and backward (Whiplash) by a fall or more forcefully in a car crash, there is damage to the ligaments, tendons, muscles, bones as well as nerve cells in the brain and nerves of our bodies.  We commonly refer to these motions and damage as Whiplash and it may appear like it will take care of itself because it so common.  These injuries are permanent!

Car crash researchers (that I have studied under) have outlawed human crash testing because they found that in every crash the human body is permanently injured. In instances where we have Whiplash, we heal by creating scar tissue that makes us more likely to have pain, arthritis and early disability.

Whiplash injuries and the forces that the body endures are linked to many other common injuries that can and will disable us later in life without treatment (Neck Pain, Back Pain, Sciatica, Carpal Tunnel)

Many people will be taken to the Emergency Room for treatment after a car crash to evaluate and diagnose their injuries, but the ER usually is trying to diagnose bleeds on the brain and broken bones. They are not concerned so much with the long term disability that comes from the permanently damaged structures/ ligaments and muscles along the bones of the spine from your neck to your tail bone.  When the ligaments and other soft tissues of the spine are damaged, the body does not have a great way to repair and we end up with scar tissue and bony changes (Arthritis) much earlier than we should have.  With Chiropractic treatment, we can slow down these changes and allow our bodies to have less irritation and heal with the least amount of scar tissue.

Our long term mobility depends on how elastic our body is and Chiropractic can help to take away as many restricted areas of our spine as possible.  Chiropractic treatment has been shown in research studies to get patients back to work after being injured better than any other healing modality including surgery.  The reason that Chiropractic treatments are so powerful is that they are natural, least invasive, and depend on the body’s own healing capacity to get healthy.

We are Trauma Certified, let’s set up a convenient time to show you what your new life can be like, pain and symptom free.  Your best mobility is a click or call away!