Rejuvenating Chiropractic Care

Patient Testimonial

I have been fishing with my fire fighting crew for the past decades.  It is a week long trip that I have not been looking forward to the past few years because I can not sit on the boat for several days in a row.  After seeing the Drs at Brannigan Chiropractic Center, I sat, fished and had the time that I was missing for the last several years.  Thank you for getting me back to my life, I appreciate it!


Q: Reason for beginning chiropractic care?

Lower back pain, spurs on the top of my feet and a right thumb that gave pain due to goofing up in golfing.

Q: What was it like at its worst and how did it affect your life?

The pain was there. I knew i could tolerate it, but it was not comfortable. I am an active person and want to continue to be that way. I knew for my feet the podiatrist said there would be no more injections, surgery would be another option. I know I am not going to have any surgery.

Q: What was your previous attitude or experience with chiropractic?

I have heard many friends I know go to chiropractors. Never thought I would try it but I have good things to say and am happy I found Brannigan Chiropractic Center.

Q: Past Treatment Results?

For sciatica I did have epidurals because of bulging discs. I had 2 injections in my feet. Lots of massaging on my thumb to make it better. Results for lower back after the injections I did feel better but after a certain amount of time mild pain came back. My feet ached and this is what really made me seek a chiropractor.

Q: What progress have you made since beginning chiropractic care?

My back feels good. I try to maintain that good feeling by reminding myself about good posture and doing the exercises I have been taught. My feet are better even though annoying pain does come back at time. My thumb is rejuvenating.

Q: What side benefits have you experienced and how this affected your life?

I was referred to this office by your market person. I think her name is Andrea. We met at a business after hours at our facility. I told her I was scared. She gave me a call the next day and I signed up for this great help.

Q: Additional comments about our office and the care you have received?

WOW!!! The first day I walked in it was a group of smiling and welcoming personnel behind the desk. Everyone is so friendly and kind. Everyone is so positive. Each staff member welcomes you, talks personally with you, and makes you feel good. Miss “T”, Kevin, Melissa, Jessica, Dr. Fino, and Dr. Ries, you will be remembered for the good you do.

The offices are cheerful especially the kids room. Very pleasant and happy atmosphere. Another good point you walk in the door and you are waited on. Thank you

God’s blessings as you continue the good you do in promoting and maintain good health to each person seeking relief.



I began chiropractic care because of spasms and pain in my side due to spine issues. The pain was so bad it hurt to breathe, bend, turn, and I felt very limited with my daily activities. I was skeptical, but the treatment program seems to be helping me tremendously. I have had other past treatments that have helped, but not long term. Since beginning with Brannigan Chiropractic I am pain free with just a few muscle aches and pains. I had no feeling in my big toe and only three weeks in I have feeling back in my toe. The side benefits are that I am willing to stay maintained with my spine adjustments so that I can continue to feel great. Everyone in the office is so friendly and accommodating. I always feel welcome when I show up.


My Fave “ME” Time

I had a sore shoulders that I was procrastinating seeing my general physical about when I saw the Associates from Brannigan Chiropractic at Marcus Movie Theater. Now the treatments have become my fave €œme€ time. I have always been open to chiropractic but have had no past treatments. Since beginning chiropractic care I have noticed better posture. Also, I notice much less pain in my shoulder (about once a week versus once or twice every hour). The side benefits that I have experienced are that the better posture has caused many people to say I look €œbetter€ or €œhappy.€ The entire office is friendly and wonderful.


Great Improvements

I started care with Brannigan because I was in a car accident and was having extreme pain in my neck, back, chest, and hand. The pain was limiting my physical activity and made routine tasks difficult and painful. Since beginning chiropractic care with Brannigan Chiropractic Center I feels great improvements in all the affected areas. I feel like the adjustments and light massage helped to correct and heal me faster.


No More Radiation !!!

I began seeing Brannigan Chiropractic Clinic for neck pain combined with pain radiating down both arms. The pain originally made me feel like my arms and hands were literally burning. I could not hold a glass with only one hand because I had no grip at all. I had both good and bad experiences with past chiropractors and felt like it improved my posture. But, since seeing the staff at Brannigan Chiropractic I now have very little pain, and only slight tingling occasionaly in my fingers. I can now enjoy reading again without discomfort. I have also noticed that I am walking better. I was referred by my medical physician. Everyone who works at Brannigan Chiropractic Clinic is up beat, caring, and friendly while still maintaining a professional attitude.


What others have said…

The treatment, “Kinesiotaping” and Posturing, made a big difference already — even though I have only had 1 treatment!

Kathy B.

My name is Donna and I had a pinched nerve in my neck. I was having excruciating pain in my elbow, shoulder and neck. The pain would not subside with pain pills or heat. I was considering getting an epidural to relieve my pain, but my primary care doctor suggested that I see a Chiropractor first. I came to Dr. Brannigan and I am now out of pain and feeling better than I have in a long time.

Donna V.

I realized the other day, that my pain medication bottle was extremely full. It occurred to me then, that it had been some time since I needed any pain medication and that I didn’t need to refill my prescription. I have Dr. Joe to thank for this.

Pat B.

After suffering with lower back pain for several years, about two years ago I asked my family doctor if he thought that a Chiropractor could help me. He gave me Dr. Joe’s card and I called for an appointment. At first I went for treatments twice weekly and it did not take long for me to notice a remarkable difference in my pain level. I also began to experience pain in my knees so Dr. Joe worked on them as well. Right now I am relatively pain free but I visit the office about once every two weeks to ensure that things remain the way. I have never had Chiropractic treatment before but now I am a testament to its benefits!

Merrilou R.

Why did I first come to visit Dr. Joe? It was really because my back was hurting and I couldn’t figure out why. But now, after coming here for a consecutive period of time, not only does my back feel better, but I am also more educated to the importance that my spine plays in my overall well-being. It’s empowering to take charge of my body, be healthy, and to understand that I am making an investment into the future of my health.

Emily D.

For one year I had trouble walking or running long distance’s. Now I can walk 3 mile’s without worrying about tightness in my lower back or pain. Thank you Branningan Chiropractic Center!

Neal G.

Since coming to Dr. Joe, I am much more aware of posture. Since I started to watch my posture I feel and visualize the changes that have taken place in my back and neck. I had a lot of red in my first Myovision scan and I felt them all. After six treatments there was another scan which showed my improvements there was much less red. I did not have a lot of pain but the posturing alone could help me prevent flare ups in between adjustments.

Katherine K.

I call myself the Brannigan Ninja because I’m now having less pain in my joints and muscles. Before I ventured to the Brannigan Center my sleep was interrupted with pain and I was reluctant to get out of bed in the morning. Now I have less pain and sleep without pain. The old muslces and joints are being rejuvenated because of Dr. Joe and Raul. Thanks to them I can move around and enjoy being more active.

Ninja Connie.