Nerve irritation/ pain or sciatica is a very common complaint that our patients present with initially at our office.  It occurs when pressure for many reasons squishes the nerves in our lower back and hips, and glutes.  It can be noticed as pain, numbness, tingling and even decreased sensation (Hypoasthesia) because the nerve fibers contain 1000’s of small nerve bundles within each named nerve like the sciatic nerve.

Most of the nerves we think about in our body actually originate from the spinal cord and go through the spinal column and then out to every organ, bone, muscle and cell of our bodies.  If there is irritation at any place where these nerves go, we can have symptoms that we don’t exactly appreciate (Sciatica).  Those symptoms can include- pain down into our glutes, thighs, legs and even down to our toes (Sciatic symptoms).  Sciatic pain is very common because the nerves that go out from the lower back are an easy target due to the weight that our lower back endures throughout our lives.

Chiropractic can help, let’s set up a convenient time to show you what your new life can be like, pain and symptom free.  Your best mobility is a click or call away!

We must decrease the irritation in our low backs, glutes and our entire body to control the sciatica that many people suffer.  The best, most efficient way of controlling sciatica is Chiropractic adjustments.  These simple, gentle techniques allow the spinal segments to work in a more coordinated manner and are more powerful than you can imagine to help you out of pain.  The aggravation slowly decreases and the body’s inflammation level lowers, allowing healing and less pain to occur from Sciatica and other low back problems.

Many women experience sciatica during Pregnancy because when the ligaments in the back and hips start to stretch with hormone changes, the sciatic nerve typically has pressure that makes it symptomatic.  The low back and glute muscles are over stretched in these circumstance and then reflexively contract (spasm) and create pain.  This situation lends itself to many Obstetricians (OB’s) referring their patients to a safe and effective Chiropractic Treatment.

Low risk, safe, effective and least invasive all describe the style of Chiropractic Adjustments that we utilize here at Brannigan Chiropractic Center.  We have a time and day that is reserved at your convenience to learn more about why Chiropractic is the leading choice for Sciatica and many other health concerns.