Many Obstetricians (OB’s) refer their patients to our clinic for a safe and effective Chiropractic Treatment throughout their pregnancy.  Pregnancy has many aches and pains associated during this changing time, because of the hormonal, positional, decreased activity and weight gain or distribution (think belly) during the gestational period.

Our muscles, ligaments, tendons and bones react to the changes in pressures by going into spasms to help hold our joints together.  These reactions often result in pain and inflammation; many women would prefer to not take pain meds. during pregnancy due to the side effects and contraindications.  Gentle Chiropractic Adjustments applied to the spine offer relief from pain and enhance the quality of life during this magical time.

Chiropractic can help, let’s set up a convenient time to show you what your new life can be like, pain and symptom free.  Your best mobility is a click or call away!

Regular Chiropractic care during pregnancy has been found to decrease the delivery time in research studies because the body is able to move better, and you also have as much healthy nerve energy nourishing the essential organs.  Our properly aligned spine has a better ability to carry out its normal functions.  Dr. Brannigan also believes that when our spine is moving at its best there is less inflammation around the nerves that course through the spine and our body is more relaxed.  The contractions during delivery require that our body is in the most relaxed state to get our parasympathetic nervous system (“Rest & Digest”) automatic part of our Nervous System to work appropriately.

Many women also experience sciatica during Pregnancy because when the ligaments in the back and hips start to stretch with hormone changes, the sciatic nerve typically has pressure that makes it symptomatic.  The low back and glute muscles are over stretched in these circumstance and then reflexively contract (spasm) and create pain.

Low risk, safe, effective and least invasive all describe the style of Chiropractic Adjustments that we utilize here at Brannigan Chiropractic Center.  We have a time and day that is reserved at your convenience to learn more about why Chiropractic is the leading choice for Pregnancy and many other health concerns.