Low Back Pain

Low back pain as adults starts from injuries we experience when we are very little and accumulate throughout our life. We are not instructed that our low backs require constant attention and maintenance; therefore, most families pay little attention to their spinal health. The result… we age faster- arthritis, stiffness, pain, and degeneration in our discs in the lower back.

It can be disabling and big Pharma/ western media may make us think that if we pop a pill, we can put off the pain, but we are too drug dependent.  We lose our mobility earlier than we should and chalk it up to “getting older” sound familiar?

Or that we can just take a pill and go on our merry way.  We actually need to be in the moment and realize that everything we do can have the control on our low back and our lives.  Our spinal health is so important because our entire body is dependent on the nerves that go from the back to every organ and tissue in the body.

The pain can actually start from any of the tissues in the area that are irritated, some of the more common pain generators are the strained muscles, sprained ligaments, tendons, disc degeneration, scar tissue, and excessive tension on the bones in the areas.

Many people mistakenly think if they hide the pain in the low back pain then they have solved the problem.  Unfortunately the pain almost always returns because there are unresolved biomechanical (joint) changes.

Chiropractic can help, let’s set up a convenient time to show you what your new life can be like, pain and symptom free.  Your best mobility is a click or call away!

Posture, positions, tension in muscles from overuse and injuries, genetics, repetitive motions at home and at work can all cause our bodies to change more quickly into an “older version” of ourselves.  Interestingly, our bodies output and function have everything to do with how we use it throughout our life and how we take care of it.

Most people in the U.S. do not know the secret about the low back pain that they are experiencing- we can slow it down, get control of it and reduce the amount and intensity of the pain.  We require Chiropractic adjustments and treatments to reorient our spine and reduce the low back pain, increasing the mobility of our spine.  We need each joint doing what they were intended to do- each to take a piece of the motion in our back and take the excessive pressure off of the areas next to the areas that are aggravated.

Look around at a mall and watch people crumpled over their work and cell phones and you will see that we all will be in poor positions and cause ourselves undue low back pain.  Genetics play a role and we have to put our genes in the best environment to get our best longevity- Chiropractic can help, let’s set up a convenient time to show you what your new life can be like, pain and symptom free.

What would more mobility, look like in your life without low back pain?  If we could rewind your ability to move and work and play like you were 10-15 yrs younger, how much more enjoyment would you have?  I believe we are looking for a fountain of youth with our mobility and we did not know that the small things meant so much and had so much effect on our overall health.   taking care of the spine is very straight forward and is common sense, but just like heart health, it takes discipline and we have been misled to take the easy route with popping pills to mask the problems.  We are living longer and we must master this before low back disables our lives for a long term quest with canes, wheel chairs, and walkers.

Is a silent killer lurking in our pain in the back?  Yes, it is!  It sounds ridiculous that we are not aware of the biggest cause of disabilities in America = Back & Spine problems.  Spinal problems also represent the biggest reason why we are not able to return to work.  Do you know the #1 thing that gets American workers back to work and the #1 reason how Americans stay working after an injury to the spine = CHIROPRACTIC.  I blame the Chiropractic profession for not getting the word out about how effective, safe and affordable Chiropractic treatment actually is.  We are dedicated at Brannigan Chiropractic Center to help our community understand what we have to do to get our best health and to keep it.

Chiropractic can help, let’s set up a convenient time to show you what your new life can be like, pain and symptom free.  Your best mobility is a click or call away!