Joint Pain

Joint pain at any age start from injuries when we are very little. Every joint in the body can be painful from the shoulder, elbow, wrists, fingers, toes, ankles, knees and even the jaw.  They can be disabling and big pharma/ western media may make us think that if we pop a pill, we can put off the pain, but we are too drug dependent as a culture.

Our joints can ache and become stiff for many reasons and some of the pain generators we also discuss (Carpal Tunnel, Neck Pain, Sciatica) include compressed nerves, strained muscles, sprained ligaments, tendons, disc degeneration, scar tissue, and excessive tension on the bones in those areas.

Many people mistakenly think if they hide the pain in their joints then they have solved the problem.  Unfortunately the pain almost always returns because there are unresolved bio-mechanical (joint) changes.  Many times, when we decrease the pain without increasing our bio-mechanics, we continue to cause more degeneration in the bones/ soft tissues around the joint that hurts and we add more arthritis!  I never heard any pain reliever commercial mention that fact….hmmmm!

Chiropractic can help with symptoms in any joint of the body, let’s set up a convenient time to show you what your new life can be like, pain and symptom free.  Your best mobility is a click or call away!

Posture, positions, tension in muscles from overuse and injuries, genetics, repetitive motions at home and at work can all cause our bodies to change more quickly into an “older version” of ourselves.  Interestingly, our bodies output and function have everything to do with how we use it throughout our life and how we take care of it.