Carpal Tunnel

Hands painful or tingling? Losing strength in your hands?  When the nerves in your neck, shoulders, elbows or wrists are irritated you can have the symptoms of Carpal Tunnel or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  You can have one of the areas that are irritated, a combo of some of them or all of them.

When we identify and remove the reason for the irritation, then the symptoms can improve and you can get your function back.  The name of the condition implies that you should only have problems in the wrist, or carpal area, but any impingement of the nerves that start up in the neck all the way to wrist can cause the same pain.

We can help by allowing the bones of the spine to coordinate their jobs more appropriately and remove some pressure in that area.  The decreased inflammatory response allows for less pressure on the nerves and many times the symptoms disappear.  We focus on getting to the root of the problem and will get an accurate diagnosis and treatment starting this week!