“Where are you at?”

By: Dr. Joe Brannigan, DC

If you are not watching your position, posture and muscle tension, then you are in a fight or flight posture.  Are you looking for arthritic joints or are you going to attack your paperwork and someone in your office?  Please help yourself, family and co-workers to interact with your/ their body in a fully functional way.  Posture and muscle tension is an easy step toward maintaing a high output body at any age.  You are required to be objective.  First look at your position: Are you slumped over the desk or table like a limp noodle?, Second: Have you moved your position in the last twenty minutes?- see the first step, Third: How tight are your upper shoulders and neck?

I recommend that everyone continuously monitor their position, posture and muscle tension every ten minutes.  Keep your body moving in your seat to keep everything loose: side to side, figure eights, etc.  The movements can be small enough that your neighbor does not need to know what you are up to.  Finally, pull your head and shoulders back to reality, ideally align your ear with your shoulder.

These daily tips are to be combined with our MAP program: Maintenance, Adjustments and Posture.  You can have the body to do the life that you deserve, even up through your one hundreth birthday.  Call our office to help you make your next best chapter a reality.

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