We have been told that we take care of things that we prize the most, so they last.  Brannigan Chiropractic wants you to build your body to last and maintain it so you do not have to overhaul it later.  Resolve to “lean- out” your body and maintain it with Chiropractic Care at Brannigan Chiropractic Center, here in Orland Park.  We recommend that you have two treatments per month to keep your body as elastic as possible when we are older than 50, and one visit per month for those under 50.  We applaud you when you prevent joints from underperforming and getting them treated versus letting them cause pain before seeking intervention.

Maintaining your spine and joints has been shown in research to reduce your chances of nursing home attendance by 15% compared to not attending your chiropractic treatment in people 75 and older.  Although you would look good at a nursing home, you may appear stronger at home!  We are living longer and well up into our 80’s for an average life expectancy.  I propose that if we are living this long that we should be able to do the things that we like doing and at least be able to care for ourselves.

This same group in the study above was 21% less likely to hang out in hospitals.  Patients under Chiropractic care were also 23% more mobile in their community.  More likely to exercise vigorously.  We have much to gain by taking care of our best asset: our original Body!

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